Sacred Bodywork

With Sara Jolena


Creation is Sacred.

Your mind-body-spirit is part of Creation.

Your mind-body-spirit is Sacred.

Sacred Body Work Sessions:

Where Sacred ReConnects with/in You

My name is Sara Jolena.

For as long as I can remember, my hands could sooth anxiety, ease pain, and channel energy.  

For most of my adult life, I've pursued the theory and practice of societal healing through creating sustainable cultures . 

 Spirit is teaching me a way of connecting the social, ecological and human body.

This is a different kind of  healing work.

I call it Sacred Bodywork.

It is about the connections.


 Private Sessions

range from 

90-120 minutes

or longer upon consultation.


Working with couples, groups, and faith gatherings can also be done!

Bodywork (Swedish/Deep Tissue/Sports massage, shiatsu, reflexology, North American Healing Arts, hot stones, scalp massage)
Eco-theology - Working with sacred stories that are most fitting for you and your healing journey. I am particularly comfortable with; Old and New Testament, Bhagavad Gita, some indigenous teachings, some Buddhist teachings; mysticism; anti-colonization/anti-racism; eco-feminist/womanist teachings
Energy - breath, water, wind, sun/light, vibrations, reiki, chi, etc.
Narrative Healing -storytelling around and with your body, symbols, dreams
Sound Healing - Working with song and sound vibrations, especially my flute (a Dancing Bird rosewood flute in D, made in the Lakota style)
Spatial cleansing and home energy - working with via incorporating sacred objects, altars, pillows, exercise balls, nature, oils, herbs and the energies of your home for greater healing
Bio-Cultural traditions - moon cycles, seasonal cycles, celebrations, mournings, mythologies, meditative practices, rituals, insights from the mind-body-social-ecology connection from a variety of traditions, especially Indian, European, North American

Sacred Bodywork Sessions:

Deep Listening. Integration. Healing.

Each session begins with prayers of thanksgiving and invocations of the Divine presence. Together, we listen. The session playfully flows from what arises in our listening.  Deep listening and attention: the heart of healing.

I draw from the following to inform my listening and to guide our time together:

 As Needed. For You.



“When I first met Sara for our session she said, 'this is where the magic happens.' Truer words were never spoken, as her hands felt like a magician taking away all the stress and worry and putting me in total relaxation. Sara is truly true to form!”

- Frederick Jackson

(Our first session was in 2006!)

Holly and Sara Jolena

"Sara is a lovely soul with an infectious smile and a huge heart.  Sara is filled with spirit and love that exudes from her.  She is both intellectual in her pursuits regarding climate change and she is inspirational in her work to empower women.  Sara truly has healing hands.  She is an intuitive bodywork professional and at the same time she creates a safe environment for clients to share their pain – both physical and emotional."

- Holly McCathren

I"I have worked with many healers, and Sara's work is amongst the best I know. Sara's Sacred Bodywork sessions have given me insight, encouragement, validation and integration.  Sometimes my mind and body get out of sync and Sara has a magical way of midwifing me into a space of total reconnection, clarity and peace."

- Shanta Marie, healer

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Sara Jolena Wolcott, M.Div.

Bronx, New York Tel: 925.528.9978



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Visit  Sequoia Samanvaya, LLC.

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